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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots 


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is Tennis Australia’s official kids’ starter program. Developed by coaching professionals, aimed at children aged 5-12, it uses modified courts, racquets and balls to keep things fun and easy.

Through the use of scaled court sizes and low-compression balls, kids learn to serve, rally, and score in a game that is appropriate to their development needs.

Children progress through the three developmental stages, Red, Orange and Green. At each stage, ball compression and court size increases in line with player’s development.

This gradual progression improves players’ skills and prepares them to play on a full size court with a yellow ball. The program is an exciting way for children to get into tennis and is based on a ‘learning through play’ philosophy.

Currently we have 1364 Anz Tennis Hot Shots Players and 25 schools participating and registered as per Tennis Australia Statistics dated 26th August 2014.

2014 Registration Form

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Top 10 Reasons why ANZ Hot Shots is the best program for kids

  1. Right Stuff - Courts and equipment are scaled to the right size for the children
  2. More Skills - Balls bounce lower and red balls fly slower, allowing players to develop technical skills faster. 
  3. No Extremes - As balls are hit in the appropriate strike zones more often, players are less likely to develop extreme grips and techniques that might limit their future develpment both tactically and technically. 
  4. Play Quicker - Players can serve, rally and score faster.
  5. Gloabal - Leading tennis nations have adopted this methodology over the past 15 years. The results have shown an exciting growth in tennis participation and confidence in play.
  6. More balls please - As they can rally, children will hit over 100% more balls than a player standing in line, being fed balls by a coach. As a result they will improve much faster and also develop the essential tracking and recieving skills required for Tennis.
  7. Tactical mastery - Players develop great tactical awareness of the court and opponent sooner. They get to make the ball do what they want it to and not just 'cope' with the oncoming ball. 
  8. Ticking all the boxes - Red, Orange and Green tennis provides a systematic approach to developing different skills as ball trajectories change and increasing court dimensions requires new or more advanced levels of technical and tactical skills.
  9. Move it - Players movement patterns are more realistic. As more balls come back and rallies are longer they learn that recovery and being ready for the next shot are essential.
  10. No Robots - Players can develop a variety of games styles and skills that better suit their personality. The slower balls and smaller courts mean that players can play in all areas of the court, coming to net more often and learning to attack and defend more appropriately.

Read more on the Tennis Australia website (

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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots - Top 10 Reasons