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Benefits of Tennis

With strategic game play, fast movements and the option of playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles, tennis is a popular sport among all ages and genders.

Accredited Tennis Australia coach Maureen Smith outlines some physical, mental and emotional benefits of hitting a tennis ball with a racket back and forth over the net.

Physical Benefits

Your muscles get a workout, especially arm, leg, back and shoulder muscles Strength, stamina and flexibility can be developed for all ages Cardiovascular values are obtained, helping the heart to pump the blood more efficiently It helps burn calories – playing singles will burn more calories than playing doubles Your balance, mobility and agility can be improved Lowering body fat and resting heart rate and blood pressure Increases general body coordination and reflexes.

Mental Benefits

Playing tennis can help clear your head allowing for clearer thinking You may learn better self-control due to the nature of the game For the competitive person the winning feeling may increase their drive to succeed Exerting energy while playing may encourage you to play efficiently which can rub off on different aspects of your working and daily life Tennis is all about reading the opponents next move, you will learn how to anticipate an opponent’s moves and plan your countermoves. This will help you in your day to day life as well Your perception of the game and in-turn life may change.

Emotional Benefits

You may become more confident and assertive on and off the court Your self-esteem may increase as you are forced to play against different people It provides a distraction from daily life New friends can be made giving you more people to socialise with Tennis is a non-impact and non-contact sport Not dependant on youth or strength – you can play for a lifetime or start the game at any age Tennis teaches you to compete fairly with opponents, teamwork, friendship and competitiveness etc Tennis players scored higher in vigour, optimism and self-esteem while scoring lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension according to a Southern Connecticut State University study.

Tennis is one of the very few games the whole family can participate in said Ms Smith.

“As it is played all over the world with all shapes and standards, no one is exempt from this great sport, even those in wheelchairs”.

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