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Kids Tennis Foundation Program

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Founded by Paul McNamee in 1983, Kids Tennis Foundation (KTF) provides tennis coaching for financially and socially disadvantaged children throughout Australia. The aim is "to provide tennis coaching for every child in every disadvantaged primary school in Australia", thereby helping develop their physical, social and personal wellbeing.

KTF is the only schools-based welfare program using tennis as the means for communication to help raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of financially and socially disadvantaged kids.

Currently, around 200 KTF programs are conducted Australia-wide, with a vast cultural reach, involving close to 4000 under privileged children every school term.

KTF provides the coach, racquets, balls and portable net-leaving no out lay for the participants.

KTF is different to "club" tennis or "club" coaching, where parents or children pay money to improve their game. The size of the group can vary, but the emphasis is always on lots of games and having fun. With much positive encouragement and praise, the children learn to play tennis in a relaxed, happy environment and to appreciate their own worth. KTF has introduced tennis to more than 250,000 financially and socially disadvantaged children Australia-wide since inception.

All players recieve a fantastic Participation Certificate on completion. Click here to view.

Read more about KTF on their website here.