Geraldton Lighthouse Yatchs

Wet Weather Policy

During the term, the following policy will be applied in the event of wet weather:

  • On the FIRST instance of wet weather during the term, indoor activities will be set up for ALL lessons
  • If (during the same term) it is raining before the start of another lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and a make up lesson will be offered at a later date
  • If a lesson has already commenced and it begins to rain, activities will be moved under cover until conditions are suitable to go back outside
  • In company with racquet skills or hand eye coordination exercises, a wet weather program may also be conducted for the players, where necessary skills such as scoring, match tactics and physical exercises will be learnt.

Extreme Heat Policy
In the event of extreme heat, Batavia Tennis Coaching will:
  • Provide safe alternative activities for players indoors/under cover
  • Use sprinklers on the court to keep the temperature down
  • Ensure that all players are safe by maintaining adequate drinks breaks for rehydration
***You will always be notified of a lesson cancellation. If you do not hear from us, assume the lesson will be ON***